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TS 99 Cue Light Preset Control
[TS 99]

TS 99 Cue Light Preset Control
This item is a must for larger systems and /or busy shows with lots of cues. The TS 99 Preset control is powered by the TS 120 via the DB-9 terminated interconnect cable (up to 75 feet (25meters). It programs and accesses up to 100 presets that are stored in non-volatile memory in the TS-120. Each preset is a selection of up to 144 channels (twelve TS-120's linked together). Each preset has its own number which is displayed in the highly visible LED screen of the TS-99. Fast scrolling, preview mode and global ATTN and GO buttons. Pro Net $682
One unit available at reduced price as shown. CONTACT US FOR SPECIAL CLOSEOUT AND DEMO PRICES