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PS-19M Pro Series

PS-19M Pro Series
The PS-19M offers great audio and straight-forward foolproof operation. It is housed in a rugged, all aluminum case with metal beltclip. Call and Talk functions each with their own LED indicator plus an adjustable volume audio call signal. Along with trim pots for sidetone and call buzzer volume, this version adds a trim pot for mic gain. This allows quick adjustments for different mic sensitivities on the headsets. All beltpacks offer an auto-sensing headset jack that will accommodate headsets with either electret or dynamic mics. Built in remote mic kill is also featured as is the capability to disable the call buzzer with any ASL Pro Series mainstation.

These beltpacks are compatible with most ~200 Ohm terminated, unbalanced line intercom systems including Clear-Com, Production Intercom, and others. Pro Net $445

Three units available at reduced price. Contact us. CONTACT US FOR SPECIAL CLOSEOUT AND DEMO PRICES