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BS-181 Single Channel Power Supply

BS-181 Single Channel Power Supply
The BS-181 is a single channel power supply. The compact table-top unit is housed in a rugged steel case and offers up to 1.5 amps (2 amps peak!) at 30V DC to power as many as 15 BS-15 (or other compatible brands) beltpacks at full volume. So much power at this price point equals a great value.

The well built piece is quiet and dependable. It makes the perfect base for a no-frills single-channel system and is also a great insurance piece to have as a compact spare in case your existing system experiences a failure.

The switch mode power supply works with all AC voltages from 100 to 240V.

Front panel power switch with LED plus Overload LED indicator. Dual XLR line connectors on rear.

Pro Net $358

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